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Take a ride to the golden glow of Gozo in random nuggets.

99. Extreme cliff-jumping

Follow our road to the sea and you’ll find a giant stone arch, at the end of Wied il-Mielaħ, a towering 22m tall. Look at the picture of me on a bike on the top of it and you’ll begin... Continue Reading →

98. Barbequing Bogue: Vopi’s in vogue

Last week, we enjoyed a wonderful barbeque with friends down the road in Birbuba. We often enjoy wonderful barbeques with various friends so this in itself wasn’t unusual. The difference, however, is that this was the first time we ate... Continue Reading →

97. Cast-Out at Ta’ Pinu

Strolling up to Ta’ Pinu this morning, there’s a new feature in the view across to the sea and the lighthouse – a giant construction of Christ in a crown of thorns, his image made entirely using plastic waste. From... Continue Reading →

96. Emerging from the rabbit hole…

Over the past two months I have been quiet here because in every spare moment I have been beavering away in Wonderland, turning x, j, y by the score and a gamut of ċ, ġ, ħ, and ż’s into something... Continue Reading →

95. Curiouser & curiouser

The Maltese language is Semitic in origin - likely brought to the islands more than twelve centuries ago by Phoenician traders and colonisers from land that now forms part of Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Over time it has also absorbed... Continue Reading →

94. Through the keyhole – a restoration gem (part 2)

Back in January I posted the first half of a long feature piece on a remarkable Gozo house steeped in history and now in need of love and attention to restore it to its former glory. I have just realised... Continue Reading →

93. From Southwold with love

For my birthday last month a good friend sent me a beautiful card of the lovely English coastal town of Southwold, the place where The Significant Other first decided he absolutely needed a boat. It was a holiday there that... Continue Reading →

92. Lovin’ the new fast ferry to Valletta

A couple of weeks ago The Significant Other and I tried the new fast ferry from Gozo to Valletta for the first time. This new service is a big deal for Gozitan residents reducing the travel time between Gozo’s port... Continue Reading →

92. A seahorse with a difference

If you follow this blog, then you’ll know that the beauty, history and magic of Gozo inspire me to wax lyrical. The other day, shopping in Valletta I came across a window that captured in a contemporary fashion collection the... Continue Reading →

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