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52: Artistic cravings with a twist

In Victoria’s ArtHall, a wonderful airy white gallery space with bright blue doors and windows just steps from it-Tokk, this month as part of an exhibition ‘Erotic Cravings’ (runs until 7th April), there’s a large painting by Tomas Hed inspired... Continue Reading →


51. The wonders of the weather

Gozo is a wonderland: whilst Lewis Carroll’s Alice wouldn’t recognise its terrain she surely would feel at home here. It may be a small and gentle Mediterranean island, but on this three-dimensional chequerboard of green and golden-browns, the roads take... Continue Reading →

50. Gozo’s healing power

I have spent the weekend by the fire in Gozo. Although a fire in Gozo is mighty handy to warm up a January apartment when the temperature drops as low as ten degrees, this particular fire is actually in deep... Continue Reading →

49. Wild on two wheels

Here’s a piece I wrote for the Oxfordshire magazine OX on the new Gozo scooter and my ability – or lack of it – on two wheels, complete with imagery of my prowess.

Esther Lafferty's Inkwell

When I first met The Significant Other, he had an excessively-powerful motorbike in the garage, one in a long line of hot fast red numbers, and matching metalwork in his leg. Within a month, on the very day he was supposed to be meeting my parents in his best suit and most respectable attitude, I had a roadside call from the ambulance summoning me to A&E: the motorbike was no more somewhere on a dual carriageway out west. And that, I thought, was that.  We agreed life was too precious to be squandered squashed on tarmac and settled happily into eight wheels, four apiece.

But just recently we have welcomed a new addition to the family – no, not of the human kind before you start sending flowers and rattles. Although it’s two wheeled, it isn’t a sportbike optimised for acceleration and speed for which you must be adorned head…

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48. Blanketed in snow

Back in the spring on this unassuming blog, I announced that I had begun work on a home-crocheted blanket inspired by the colours of Gozo. Having never crocheted anything before other than a disastrous coaster that even a mother couldn’t... Continue Reading →

47. Where The Chameleon is Greener

A couple of months ago I wrote about the excitement of seeing a chameleon in the wild in Gozo, and back in Oxfordshire I made a mosaic to remind us of the moment we saw him, which in turn inspired this month’s Where The Grass is Greener column in the OX magazine. I have also, in the meantime, got a better photo of a Mediterranean chameleon than the roadside skeleton I used when I last wrote about these, courtesy of my Dad who spotted this little fellow last week by the path on the Sanap cliffs. He describes how he turned from a vivid green into a sandy brown and then darkened as the shadows fell upon him. The original post is here.

Esther Lafferty's Inkwell

Every so often, everyone should take the time to reassess one’s place in life and consider where one would like to go next, other than the chocolate stash on the top shelf. I have long-harboured an ambition to be a Russian Ice Star, dancing in sequins and skates with the gymnastic flair of autocratic regimes in the Eastern blok, but have been held back by both the geography of my birth and, if I am honest, a lack of physical athleticism on sharpened metal.

But just recently this idea has been smashed like the china at a Greek celebration. Who says a leopard never changes his spots? A chameleon might beg to differ, and I am embracing an alternative vision for the future. When I grow up I would like to be Gaudi, mosaicking colourful wonders in Mediterranean sunshine.

Earlier this year whilst in Malta I stumbled camera-less across a…

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46. This weekend coming…

(Originally written for Sliema Times October 2018) Over the weekend of 3rd and 4th November, fifty artists in Sliema and St Julian’s are throwing open doors along a walking trail at a series of host venues and inviting you in,... Continue Reading →

45. Pop goes the art not a phrase I would pick myself, so it made me smile to see my text beneath it in last weekend's Sunday Times of Malta who, I am delighted to say, gave full page coverage to The Trail which... Continue Reading →

44. Naked Souls

Today, a new series of paintings by Gozitan artist Christopher Saliba go on show at The Art Cube in Xewkija, on the main road between Mgarr and Victoria. And because I can’t make the launch event this afternoon, I was... Continue Reading →

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