Something Gozitan

Take a ride to the golden glow of Gozo in random nuggets.

29: A pig without a tail

When I describe the relationship between Gozo and Malta to Oxfordshire locals, I sometimes compare the two to Oxford city and The Cotswolds. Oxford is busy with cars and culture, whilst The Cotswolds are primarily a place of green tranquility... Continue Reading →


28. The Boathouse: an international stopping point

One of the things The Significant Other and I love about Gozo is the inherent contradiction between the intimacy of a tiny landmass, the smaller sister of an archipelago that barely appears on the map of Europe, and a truly... Continue Reading →

27. Pink Pigeons & Medical Interventions

Gozo is a small place which is decidedly part of its charm and yet despite this it’s funny how the world works, how it turns on its axis and however far you think you’ve travelled it throws up coincidences in... Continue Reading →

26. Valletta: a Mediterranean fortress bathed in winter sun

Less than thirty miles from Gharb as the crow flies (though if you don't have wings you'll need to take a ferry) stands the age-old city of Valletta, a fusion of European, Arabic and North African influences: palm trees against... Continue Reading →

25. The Sword and The Scimitar

The Sword and the Scimitar by David Ball is a swashbuckling adventure on the rip-tides of faith and fate in The Middle Sea (that’s the Mediterranean) in the sixteenth century as two cultures face up to each other across the... Continue Reading →

24: The Middle One’s comments on Running in the Mediterranean

A week of running in the Mediterranean, battling with a slight groin niggle! Well!  What do you know? Although I am blocked by two of four children on Facebook and believe I am carefully screened out of many of the posts... Continue Reading →

23. Gozo’s story-book beach

When The Boys were small, we had a children's book (The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg) in which, unobtrusively in the backdrop of one of the early pages, a Spider-Man costume hung on the washing line between the everyday socks and... Continue Reading →

22. There’s something about Segways!

My monthly column in the November edition of Oxfordshire's glossy, OX magazine, is about Segways, and although it might seem an odd match, Segways are big entertainment in Gozo. When The Significant Other and I first began planning our relocation... Continue Reading →

21. The pleasure of window-shopping

  Window-shopping in Gozo's Victoria is not the pleasure it might be on London's Oxford Street or in a North European capital. The buildings here are designed to keep the sun out and the temperature manageable, and so narrow frontages... Continue Reading →

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