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Regular feature writer whose pen is in Oxfordshire, whose heart is in Gozo, and whose feet take her back and forth between the two.

88. Through the keyhole – a finished gem (part 2)

… The building that housed the old mill is now a hidden farmhouse, set at the end of a long driveway, and as you pass under the arched gateway, the drive opens out into a large courtyard, glistening white between ancient... Continue Reading →

87. Through the keyhole – a restoration gem (part 1)

Back in November I had the pleasure of two days with friend and estate agent David Pace looking round several properties that were due to go onto the market in the new year to capture their charm on paper. And... Continue Reading →

86. The secrets of the citadel (2)

Each year I buy a new ornament for the Christmas tree, and this year I fell for one in House of Gozo, a shop in Independence Square in the heart of Victoria, just down the slope from the Citadel. And,... Continue Reading →

85. A Magical World

Malta and Gozo, known for their photogenic tendencies, are popular places for filming – from Gladiator and Troy to Game of Thrones and a lesser known film, By The Sea (2015), starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie which was filmed... Continue Reading →

84. Toasting Tanit

Last week, we took a picnic to Gozo’s Punic Temple, a lesser known beauty spot with a long history. We were welcomed by the quacking of ducks as we parked up at L-Ghadira ta Sarraflu, otherwise known as The Duck... Continue Reading →

83. The Laggard’s Loop

Whilst the searing summer months here are too hot for running for all but the most fervent fanatic – unless it’s from a beach towel to the breaking waves, or to the ice-cream shop – at this time of year... Continue Reading →

82. Kinnie Chameleon and other colours

Whenever I have an hour to while away in gentle sunshine, I am drawn by the magnificence of the citadel to stroll its heighty barricades and amble through its windy streets. It’s a medieval city in miniature, just 200m in... Continue Reading →

81: A favourite spot for a ftira

People have long thought that centuries of fighting over Malta were because of its strategic location in the Middle Sea. The Significant Other and I know differently. The various invaders were here for the bread recipe: called Hobz in Malta,... Continue Reading →

80. Sicily on the balcony

Yesterday The Significant Other and I sat on our small front balcony in the gentle October sunshine as the sun began to stripe the colours of sunset across the sky. Gazing at the sea due North, we noticed something we... Continue Reading →

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