Something Gozitan

Take a ride to the golden glow of Gozo in random nuggets.



55. Phoenician drinking habits

It’s a speck of an island, hardly visible on a map of the Med, yet Gozo’s history runs deep: just over a decade ago divers discovered the remains of a Phoenician wreck dating back to 700BC. Beyond a popular bay... Continue Reading →

53. The Shark’s Tooth

The Eldest has spent the last five months travelling around the world, from one sun-kissed beach to another, her Instagram feed capturing Australia and South East Asia edged by crystal seas, fish darting in glorious technicolour over magical reefs just... Continue Reading →

9. The Arch Nemesis

'Here today, gone tomorrow' is a phrase used of the ephemeral and transitory whether that’s a man - the phrase was originally used John Calvin's 1549 Life and Conversion of a Christian Man about the brevity of a human lifespan... Continue Reading →

6. Becoming a diver by accident

Recently I accidentally became a scuba-diver. This wasn’t due to an unfortunate incident with a banana-skin beside deep water, but it did come as a surprise, and will be very useful in Gozo. I had tried diving once before, back... Continue Reading →

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