Something Gozitan

Take a ride to the golden glow of Gozo in random nuggets.



67. The weather paints a rainbow

Gozo is a tiny place, and the uninitiated might be surprised by the vast and vigorous weather that wraps this mere drop of rock: dwarved by a giant sky, this Mediterranean island is buffeted by weather systems that sweep over... Continue Reading →

62. Saints, bands, flowers and fairy-lights

It was village Festa week here last week – and we had a truly wonderful time. Festas are a big deal in Malta and Gozo, a celebration of the village’s patron saint with events and processions over a weekend or... Continue Reading →

58. Gozo’s new Jedi

As a tourist to Gozo in the early days, baked mid-brown with a dash of lobster, I was surprised to see the warm woollen jumpers amongst the traditional lace hanging from stalls in the market place. They seemed an unlikely... Continue Reading →

56. The Chef is not my wife

Well, what d’ya know? For nearly three years  The Significant Other and I have enjoyed the Gharb Rangers Bar’s hospitality,  whether that’s on the upstairs terrace with fresh fish whilst gazing across open countryside to the Ta Pinu Basilica or... Continue Reading →

22. There’s something about Segways!

My monthly column in the November edition of Oxfordshire's glossy, OX magazine, is about Segways, and although it might seem an odd match, Segways are big entertainment in Gozo. When The Significant Other and I first began planning our relocation... Continue Reading →

12. Squatters in the Spare Room!

This month for us, Gozo has been all about family. Sadly, though, it has only been our parents enjoying the Maltese spring while we’ve been nose to the grindstone back in Oxfordshire, our view a mixture of watery sunshine across... Continue Reading →

5. The power of the internet!

When my dad was a little boy, he just knew he was going to be a train-driver when he grew up. It took him sixty years and a career in IT systems before he finally made it into the oily... Continue Reading →

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